Zane Kuenzler
Jake Flora
Originally from the farming and ranching community of Cortez,
Colorado, Mr. Kuenzler received bachelors degrees in both
petroleum engineering and economics from the Colorado School
of Mines.  As a petroleum engineer, Zane's  primary experience
has included extended reach horizontal and exploratory drilling in
the Arctic for a major oil company.  Becoming an independent
Zane has managed all aspects of starting a company.  This
includes indentifying prospects, leasing land, raising investment
capital, bonding and insurance, and managing drilling operations.  
Zane is currently focused on leasing abandoned oil fields in
Colorado and Nebraska with significant upside potential. Mr.
Kuenzler has developed strong working relationships with
executives in the banking and oil and gas industries which will
allow for development of these prospects.
A petroleum engineering graduate from the University of Alaska
Fairbanks, Jake has an extensive oilfield background from service
company employment as well as working for several majors in the
Cook Inlet Basin and Prudhoe Bay Oil Field.  Mr. Flora's primary
experience lies in the upstream with a knowledgeable
background in well testing, production engineering, wireline
logging, reservoir geology, log interpretation, well intervention,
permitting, and exploratory drilling in the Arctic.  Originally from
Wasilla, Alaska, Jake has moved to Colorado to use his
operational expertise in bringing KFRC prospects to market.    
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